Dental Braces in Richmond Hill


Get a Beautiful Smile with Dental Braces in Richmond Hill

Dental braces are an effective way to straighten and properly position teeth for a balanced bite. They correct crossbites, underbites, overbites, open bites, and cosmetic issues like slightly twisted, gapped and overlapped teeth. Regardless of your age, braces can be life-changing, resulting in greater self-confidence and a bigger smile.

With Michael Foo Dental Clinic in Richmond Hill, you can have a beautiful smile you’re proud of. We perform orthodontic improvements for teens, adults and children (as long as all their baby teeth have fallen out). Our treatment addresses concerns like gaps and misalignment along with bite problems. We offer ceramic, clear and metal braces, depending on your needs.

What Happens If You Don’t Address Issues Early On?

By not fixing bite problems or gaps between teeth, you may have to deal with complications such as:

  • ● Tooth loss
  • ● Jaw-related issues
  • ● Worn tooth enamel
  • ● Tooth decay
  • ● Chewing problems
  • ● Speech-related issue

Some Reasons to Consider Dental Braces

Braces are well-known for straightening teeth but have many other advantages.

  1. 1. They Prevent Gum Disease

With the straightening power of dental braces, gaps between teeth can be minimized, making it easier to get rid of food particles with flossing and brushing. Without braces, it’s easier for them to get stuck and cause gum disease. This can lead to more severe issues.

  1. 2. They Aid Digestion

Misaligned teeth make chewing problematic, meaning food isn’t properly broken down for your stomach to digest. With braces, you enjoy better digestion.

  1. 3. They Stop Bone Erosion

Misaligned teeth can result in bone loss which can happen when bacteria begin to eat away at the bone structure. With braces this erosion is unlikely to occur as your teeth will be realigned and easier to clean, keeping bacteria at bay.

Take the first step towards a healthy, beautiful smile. Request an appointment with our clinic in Richmond Hill.

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