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One-Stop Family Dentistry in Richmond Hill

Your oral health is our priority. Michael Foo Dental Clinic in Richmond Hill offers excellent dental care to clients from different age groups. We’re dedicated to providing your whole family with preventive and emergency dental treatments. Most importantly, we listen to you to best understand which treatment will relieve your pain or discomfort.

We all require different kinds of dental care at different stages of our lives, which Michael Foo Dental Clinic provides. As a new patient, you’ll go through a complete oral examination to assess your overall oral bone health and whether there are any issues with your hard or soft tissue. This includes a cavity assessment, screenings for oral cancer and periodontal health, and an assessment of your temporomandibular joint.

From eating habits to medications that can potentially affect your oral health, we take it all into account to ensure early detection, prevention and maintenance of your family’s oral health.

Why You Should Choose Us:

  • ● Our location is convenient for checking and treating all your family members’ oral health needs.
  • ● Our comprehensive personalized treatments guarantee long-lasting results.
  • ● Our range of services incorporate the latest technological advancements in personal dental care.
  • ● We specialize in same-day crowns for the best injury prevention.
  • ● Along with comprehensive oral exams, we suggest diet plans and medications to prevent future damage.
  • ● We educate our patients by discussing our full range of dental procedures while keeping efficiency, budget and time in mind.
  • ● We have various payment plans and special discounts for seniors and new patients.
  • ● We’ve served the community over 20 years.

We at Michael Foo Dental Clinic are invested in our patients and take pride in prioritizing your well-being by providing quality dental care. We take your medical history, lifestyle and habits into consideration before our treatments begin. Our goal is to provide a comfortable and welcoming environment where patients of all ages feel welcome. Our excellent support staff help create and maintain this warm and inviting atmosphere. When you leave our facility, we make sure you leave with a healthy smile you can be proud of.

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