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Emergency Dentist in Richmond Hill


The Michael Foo Dental Clinic is proud to provide our patients with emergency dental care. Led by Dr. Michael Foo, a member of the Canadian and Ontario Dental Associations and the Toronto Academy of Dentistry, we’ve been servicing Richmond Hill for over 20 years. This includes root canals and treatments for dental trauma, oral infections, acute toothaches and broken teeth.

We strive to provide our patients with the best and latest dental care. Any dental issue that requires immediate care to save a tooth, stop tissue from bleeding or relieve intense pain can be termed a dental emergency.

How to Know If You Have a Dental Emergency

Here are certain indicators of a dental emergency.

  • ●   Bleeding from the mouth
  • ●   Loose teeth
  • ●   An intense feeling of pain
  • ●   Being hit in the face, especially the mouth
  • ●   Facial swelling
  • ●   Bulges or swelling of gums
  • ●   Pain caused by heat or cold

If you’re suffering from any of these, you may have a dental emergency. In such cases, the sooner you receive treatment, the better. It may even be possible to save your tooth if it’s knocked out, if treated in time. Our dentists provide prompt emergency services for our patients’ fast relief and to prevent further complications.

Some Common Dental Emergencies

Here are some of the most common dental emergencies and guidelines on how to handle them.

●   Toothache

This is a sign of infection around the tooth and is a common dental emergency. Suffering an intense toothache? Get in touch with your dentist, explain your symptoms and book an appointment as soon as possible. In the meantime, avoid anything hot on your jaw as it will make things worse.

●   Chipped, Cracked or Fractured Teeth

The good news? Broken teeth can (almost) always be restored. Small damages can be fixed using a white filling. In cased of serious damage, a root canal or dental crown may be required. Same-day crowns are available.

●   Knocked-Out Tooth

A dentist can put back a knocked-out tooth, but you need to take immediate action. If it’s done soon after being knocked out, there’s a good chance of it taking root again. Chances dwindle after two hours, so get in touch with your dentist right away.

An infection or abscess can be life-threatening. We’re here to provide relief and protect your smile. Our clinic is centrally located in Richmond Hill, making it convenient to get yourself or your loved ones treated.

Oral issues can happen anytime, but you don’t have to suffer. When you require immediate care, give us a call.

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