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Teeth Straightening in Richmond Hill


Well-aligned teeth are important at any age. They make for a beautiful smile, help you chew better and improve your self-esteem. At Michael Foo Dental Clinic we offer different types of teeth-straightening services, using dental veneers, traditional braces and Invisalign. Your teeth-straightening treatment will depend on factors like the degree of your teeth spacing, how much time you have, and, of course, your budget. Our dentists are thoroughly trained in cosmetic and implant dentistry, oral surgery, and many other areas of dental care and oral health. Before any treatment commences, our dentists and technicians will thoroughly assess your dental condition, including any essential scans and X-rays. The process and possible outcome will be fully explained so you can decide whether it’s something you would like to consider.

When to Go for a Teeth-Straightening Service

Teeth straightening isn’t always an aesthetic choice for those with crooked or misaligned teeth. While excessive teeth gaps can cause periodontal diseases like gum infections and tooth decay, crowding can lead to improper chewing, digestion problems, jaw strain, chronic headaches and even speech difficulties.

Here are a few dental conditions where you should consider availing yourself of our teeth-straightening services in Richmond Hill.

  • ● Gapped Teeth: These are teeth with excessive gaps between them due to missing teeth or unusual jaw growth.
  • ● Overbite: This happens when teeth and jaws are not lined up properly, causing upper teeth to bite over the lower teeth.
  • ● Underbite: Like an overbite, this also happens when jaws and teeth are misaligned, causing the lower teeth to extend beyond the upper teeth.
  • ● Open Bite: This happens when there’s a gap or opening between the upper and lower rows of teeth when you close your jaw.
  • ● Crowded Teeth: These are caused due to a disparity between the size of your jaw and the size of your teeth. (Your teeth may be too big for your jaw or your jaw too small.)
  • ● Crossbite: This is a lateral misalignment of the dental arches, causing teeth to be too close to the cheek or tongue.

Are you ready to transform your smile? Whether you have crooked teeth, a misaligned jaw or gapped teeth, our state-of-the-art teeth straightening treatments can fix the problem and gift you the smile you’ve always wanted.  At Michael Foo Dental Clinic, dental treatments are carried out by skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeons by using products from the most reliable brands.

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