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Dental Implants in Richmond Hill

dental implant

Have you been waiting for the opportunity to obtain a beautiful set of permanent  new teeth? Now’s the time! At Michael Foo Dental Clinic in Richmond Hill we offer stable and strong dental implants for artificial teeth to ensure a renewed chewing surface. They also reduce the risk of shifting, something quite common after tooth loss.

Dental implants use a titanium post surgically fitted into the jaw under the gum line where a tooth is missing. As the surrounding bone and gum tissue heal, they fuse to create a durable anchor for the replacement tooth to be fitted. This acts as a root upon which your dentist can fix a crown they fabricate. It requires a minor surgical procedure and offers several benefits over other alternative teeth replacement procedures. Once positioned, the implant looks and acts like a natural tooth when you talk, eat, brush or floss.

With our dental implants you enjoy a newfound sense of confidence without having to give up the foods that damage other tooth replacements.

Procedure Followed for Dental Implants

  • ● Consultation

First, your dental and medical history is gathered to get a clear picture of your current oral and overall health. Then, we explore your best treatment options and formulate a plan to meet your budgeting needs and health goals.

  • ● Extraction

Next, the tooth in question is extracted. If possible, we’ll place the implant at the time of extraction. However, in some instances, bone grafting may be needed first.

  • ● Bone Grafting

It’s common for the jawbone to lack the appropriate mass necessary for the implant to be applied. To strengthen the target area, bone grafting is performed. This is typically followed by a few months of healing before placing the implant.

  • ● Implant Surgery

In this procedure, a titanium screw is implanted into your jawbone. You will be anesthetized during the surgery which can take up to two hours.

  • ● Osseointegration

Once the implant has been placed, we cover the surrounding soft tissue and allow it to fuse with the bone for up to three months.

  • ● Final Restoration

After osseointegration is complete, we place a support on the implant to attach it with the final dental crown restoration. This is typically performed by a general dentist.

If you think you might be a candidate for dental implants, please write to us. We will schedule an appointment to discuss your best options.

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