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Reach Out for an Affordable Dentist in Richmond Hill


Your oral health impacts your overall health. That’s why good mouth hygiene should be a priority for everyone.

Every patient visiting Michael Foo Dental Clinic in Richmond Hill receives extra guidance and attention. We provide dental care for the entire family, and our high-quality treatments take place in a safe setting in a manner intended to suit varying levels of comfort. We use modern treatment methods to provide patient-friendly dentistry at pocket-friendly prices. Our patients can avail themselves of the wide range of services offered by our qualified dental staff.

Still not convinced? Here are a few reasons why you should choose us when looking for a team of experienced (and affordable) dentists in Richmond Hill.

  1. 1. Experienced and Caring Staff

Our dental team’s sole purpose is to serve you. From experienced dentists to our hygienists, you may be surprised at how fun dental visits can be with us. We work hard to make sure you receive the highest-quality dental care along with a first-rate experience that encourages you to keep coming back.

  1. 2. Custom Dental Care Plans

We understand that oral care needs differ, so our treatment plans are designed to suit the individual. We begin with a thorough examination during the initial consultation and take X-rays if necessary. Based on these and your previous dental records, we prepare a treatment plan tailored to you.

  1. 3. Affordable Treatment Options

Dental treatments can be expensive, and dealing with financing and insurance can be overwhelming which is why we offer competitive rates. We firmly believe patients should receive the treatment they require and work closely with you to achieve these goals.

  1. 4. Honest Patient Education

We understand the importance of educating patients on protecting their dental health between appointments. That’s why when we prepare your treatment plan, we want you to partner with us to maintain your dental health. To that end, our experts will answer your questions and concerns honestly.

Michael Foo Dental Clinic in Richmond Hill is a popular destination for families with dental issues, and we’re confident we can look after you too. Contact our office to find out what to expect during your first visit. Then make an appointment and discover why our patients keep coming back. We look forward to welcoming you to our family.

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    2020 May 25
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